Be Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable

Self identification is strategically deployed as movements to attain political ends for self-determination. We acheive self identification with our voices, through the physical, sonic, and contextual components of the messages we transfer. That is the obvious case for most traditional voices produced by humans, animals, even insects. However, in this course we are taught to think of the manifestation of voice more abstractly, not limited to its physical and sonic qualities. Hence, I decided to explore other manifestations of voices.

I listened to plants and discovered that the sonic qualities of plants becomes overshadowed by its material and physical qualities. I also learned that the way we view and interpret voices affect how we interact or not interact, with the holders of those voices. In plants’ case, they generally get ignored and get place down before animals because people don’t necessarily recognize them as sonically capable organisms. But they are. In their own way. Our Euro-western mindsets lead us to think that our way of listening and communicating is the norm and that other organisms that does otherwise are a step below us. By studying voice, I changed the way I give significance to everyone and everything in my surrounding. By thinking of voice more broadly, you learn to appreciate that everything and everyone has a voice.

In this assignment, I defenitely honed my writing skills and was introduced to utilizing different styles in my writing. I learned that I have to deliberately think about the general audience of the medium I am going to use. In addition, I also realized that we impose different personas when writing to a specific audience. When writing for a more mature, scholarly, educated audience with my news article, I felt more constricted in my writing. Even during the process of writing, I was very critical of my ideas and the way I deliver it because in the back of my head, I knew my readers were excellent readers and writers. My blogpost was light work. When I was writing my blogspot I did not feel the burden of trying to impress or be commended by what I perceived as more authorotative figures. I knew I was writing to a more familiar audience, less formal but witty and amusing. It was a more fluid writing process, I just wrote down my ideas and wrote about things I thought was important, not things I thought other people would think is imprtant.

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