Section 7: Assignment 2 Reflection

Working on this duo project made me realize that it is really important to leave enough time to accommodate for both our schedules. The biggest challenge in doing this assignment is finding a time between our busy schedules to do the visits. Avital and I definitely tried to meet up and do the visits during the week it was a signed but miscommunication and work/class schedules definitely put a hold on our plans. We first planned to visit the Recreation Center instead of going to a location with a specific event to make it easier for both of us but with that not working out during the weekends we got even more delayed for our visits. We ended up changing the venue last second because during the day we finally met, there was a really interesting event in the Multicultural Center. That was definitely a better visiting location but doing our first visit 2 days before the paper was due was a really stressing situation.

Despite all that, that experience with Avital was a fun and engaging learning experience. With this assignment and our circumstance, having a partner to struggle with and build ideas with eases the whole process tenfolds. It was a privilege to have someone to refer to when you have an idea you are not sure of or when you’re trying to remember a vague memory from the visits. I also noticed that it was easier to connect individual ideas to complex concepts when it’s not just you generating ideas- a different perspective either asserts or challenges my ideas to become better.

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